Genres of Dance:

- Jazz, Musical Theater, Tap, Character Dance
- Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Technique
- Hip Hop, Old school, New school, LA style
- Funk styles of Locking, Popping, Wacking
- House Dancing

Stage presence, audition techniques, assignments and tests are a natural part of our curriculum as well as the knowledge of a dancers anatomy and health. You will learn about career management, how to get in touch with agents, how to present yourself and how to find auditions at home and abroad. We work with the world's leading dance & choreography agency, McDonald Selznick Associates Agency in Hollywood, who also represent our founder Sonny Fredie Pedersen.

Your curriculum will be individually targeted and personalized to fit your specific needs and you will receive personal coaching. All our students have a private one-to-one evaluation every month.

As a student at our academy you will also be participating in mandatory dance performances throughout the year. You will experience how to perform on a professional stage with professional lighting and sound technique staged by IDA's choreographers.

Upon completion of your training at International Dance Academy you will receive a diploma along with a valuable personal statement from our head teaching faculty as well as from our founder Sonny Fredie Pedersen.

For our students completing their first year at I.D.A we do offer a second year advanced education.