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We have 89 years experience and knowhow in educating dance performers

I.D.A. educations are individual and unique. Students at our full-time 1 year GRADUATE Dance Performer Education or our 2 year MASTER Dance Performer Education will study in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. We also offer a specialised CHOREOGRAPHER education. I.D.A. is the only education of its kind and our brand is trusted & respected by the show business industry worldwide. I.D.A. students dance, study, perform and live LIKE-A-PRO. I.D.A. dance performers have worked with great stars such as: Christina Aquilera, Justin Bieber, Kylie Minogue, Nicki Minaj, J Balwin, Taylor Swift, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, Beyonce, JLO, Pitbull, NEYO, One Direction, Britney Spears, Nika Kljun, SONNY, Will Smith and many more...



In Los Angeles you will be living at our private estate working each day with the highest level of teachers and choreographers in international dance & show business. Experience what it’s like to be part of the professional dance community and simultaniously get an exceptional opportunity to create international contacts and build your professional network. You can also check out our 2 months CERTIFICATE program in Los Angeles.



In Copenhagen you will find yourself studying in one of Europe’s most idyllic capitals rated the happiest place on earth. In Denmark you will work with the most well-trained professional instructors, choreographers and international guest teachers. Our founder Sonny Fredie Pedersen acts as an international consultant and lecturer alongside our highly experienced faculty. You can also check out our 2 months CERTIFICATE program in Copenhagen. 

The worlds oldest family owned dance studio - teaching dance since 1935.

Mr. & Mrs. Fredie Pedersen (photograph)



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We offer dorm rooms during your education in Copenhagen

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Your natural given talents & your ability to receive information and transform.


Your mental strength needs to endure and succesfully accomplish our common set goals.

Body Language

We nurture performers! Do you have that undeniable presence?


A strong individual work ethic is needed to carry you through to your personalized goals.


PAST APPLICANTS INCLUDE: USA, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Russia, Peru, Poland, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Jamaica, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Panama, Philippines, Indonesia, Netherlands, Senegal, Ukraine, Colombia, Romania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Ireland, Hungary, Croatia, Sweden, France, Greece, Kosovo, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Belgium, Austria, New Zealand, Canada, Cuba, Australia, Venezuela, Mozambique, Ecuador, Argentina, Japan, China, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Slovenia, Portugal, Israel, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Malta, Slovakia, Czech Republic, England, South Africa, Lithuania, Estonia, Uganda, The Caribbean and many more.

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Fredie Pedersen

Dancer, Singer & Actor. Learn more about our founder - follow links to SONNYs social media below.


CEO Founder

"We expect the highest level of commitment and work ethics from our students. – International Dance Academy is for YOU who wishes to go all the way"

Sonny Fredie Pedersen

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