♪♫ Happy International Dance Day ♪♫

Our last Wednesday started out with outdoor training for our show the 31st of May with Nika Kljun from 9-12am. Afterwards we headed towards Dance Arts Academy, which is located in the heart of Los Angeles’ mid- Wilshire district, where we were gonna have a meeting/class with the legendary Toni […]

Praise the sun!☀

Our last Tuesday in LA started out with outdoor training for our show the 31st of May with Nika Kljun from 9.30-11am, followed by outdoor training as well with Sonny from 11-13pm.   Puh! After several hours in the sun, we all ate a welldeserved lunch, whereupon some of us […]

Breaking news!!!

You might think you hate mondays, but guess what.. Today was our last monday and the start on our last week in LA.. Da da da daaaaam.. We had practise with Sonny this morning, the numbers for the show in May are going to be awesome! I’m so excited! We […]


Today was our last Sunday in beautiful California before leaving for Copenhagen. After a few cold and grey days, it was nice with some warm and sunny weather – and of course we had to go outside and enjoy it! Cecilie, Josephine and I began the day with a nice […]

Saturday the 25th

Hey there, I’m going to write about my Friday (although it’s Saturday today), cause today there’s not much to write about So yesterday I went up early for a hot yoga class at Millennium, which is a nice way to start your morning. You wake up your body in a […]


Today my day started at Millennium Dance Complex with Heated Yoga at 9-10.30am with Janet Martinez. I’ve been taking Heated Yoga as the first class the last 3 days, and I’m simply loving it! Heated yoga is a yoga class done in a heated room. The heated yoga class Janet […]

Give me a “P”, a “U”, a “F” .. PUF PUF PUF

Funky wednesday! We started the day by cleaning our giant princess castle on the big pink puffy fluffy cloud, you might see it all the way back home in Denmark! It’s AMAZING! That was actually our last cleaning before “the big cleaning”.. dah dah daaaaaah. Our time here really flies away.. åh åh […]

Practicing for the last show in Denmark

Thuesday the 21th. We woke up to a cold weather, but it didn´t stop us to run a couple of times around the lake and dance 2,5 hours with Nika Kljun and Valentino, and afterwords more than 1 hour with Sonny. Directly after that, we went to Millennium to dance […]

Practice makes perfect

Some days ago we started rehearsals for our finishing show in Denmark. Today we had around 3 hours of that outside in the sun. It was nice! We practiced with both Nika Kjlun and Sonny Pedersen. It’s a secret what’s coming out of it, but it’s going to be amazing! […]

My first photoshoot in Hollywood! ✓

Today the day started at Millennium Dance Complex with ballet at 10am with Laura Quinn. I’ve been told that it should have been a really good lesson. Unfortunately we were a few cars which didn’t make it on time due to tailback on the highway; the perks of driving a […]