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You become what you are

16 March 2015

Friday the 13th this week was definitely one of the most memorable days for me in a long time. I found out that I was accepted to an American drama school for their musical theatre BFA program. Before I even came to this school I already knew that I was going to apply for that school when we’re in LA, and my biggest goal for this year was to get into that school to educate myself further as a performer. When that came true, the feeling was… unbelievable! I don’t think I have even realized yet that I just made one of biggest dreams come true. I have always dreamed about entering a drama school to become a professional actor. And now I’m going to become one, and a professionally trained singer as well…!

This was a process, which I started around Christmas time over a year ago, before I even found out that I was accepted to IDA. I started researching interesting drama schools in America and UK as well. I even auditioned to couple in the UK before this one, but I didn’t get the feeling that they were right for me. I have danced for almost all my life very seriously training many hours a day for many years along my school and later my university studies as well as my jobs. Usually I had two or three jobs at the same time as I completed my academic studies and rehearsed, competed and performed in dance as well as started working professionally through dance in the performing arts industry, since I’ve always known that I want to perform. And, what surprises me the most… also managed to do all this at the same time actually really well. So…, I could say that I’m very aware of what hard work is. 😀 Since I have such a long history in dance, I have also sometimes (especially during recent years) gotten those feelings, when I start to get suspicious whether I want to dance anymore so seriously. But this year has really proved me that I have such a strong dancer’s identity that I just couldn’t imagine my life without dance and the college that I got in is really focused on all the three major performance areas: dancing, singing and acting. So in the end, I just knew that it was going to be the right school for me.

The best part in this whole thing has been that I’ve been so lucky to get to share the whole final process with another person. My dear friend Sini also managed to get into the same school but focusing on different BFA program: dance theatre and acting. It was definitely an advantage to get to train with another person for many months, because we could give corrections to one another and also get to see how our audition pieces developed during time. The whole process was such a joy and we had so much fun in the audition day. For example, Sini gave the finger at the end of her (hip hop) dance solo to the judges and I was playing a gay man’s wife… You just gotta be creative! ;D My singing teacher Soren Lee (who has also taught Sonny) in Copenhagen was also a tremendous help in the audition process. His demanding, but also encouraging and relaxed way of teaching helped me a lot. I doubled my singing register in just eight lessons with a professional guidance (and also got so inspired).

In the end I must say that I truly believe that there are no coincidences. I believe that everything that happens to you during your life happens for a reason and all the people you meet during your life you are destined to meet, in both good and bad. You always learn something about yourself and all the experiences you get, just take you to the direction you are supposed to go if you just dare to listen to your heart and your inner voice, your intuition. More than failures, I’ve always focused on trying. Sometimes everything works, sometimes it doesn’t, but you always learn and grow. That is what I have truly experienced in my life. You really become what you are, if you just allow yourself to become and let go!

Yours truly,