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We keep on dancing, cleaning and staying alive

26 March 2015

It was another day of cleaning here on the ranch in the mountains, meanwhile the wind made pollen fly around and made it spread itself hither and thither and sometimes it came in through the doors while we were cleaning, so it made the dust fly around. But anyway, you could say that everybody wanted to be done with the cleaning, so they could go on with the hip-hop assignment, which we have to show on Friday.

The day at Debbie Reynolds’s Dance Studio was a day where we all were spread in different classes all evening but ended up in the same class in the end. We all had to meet in at 5 pm for the first class though, where some took Chicago Footwork, with the famous teacher King Charles, who we everybody love and his choreographies which he always speeds up in the end. Some took Krumping at the same time with Duece which is a very powerful style.

Next, people took Burlesque with DeLandis, besides me, so I took Jazz funk/hip-hop with Zae instead, who has been at Debbie’s for 10 years. Then next we could again choose between 2 classes now when heels performance was cancelled; Jazz funk with Shawnette and Jazz technique with Liz who we never had before. Like always we have to take an optional class and for that some took beginner breaking and some House with Christina. In the end we were all a bit tired but the fire went up in us when we saw on the schedule that were going to have our famous Lee Daniel as the teacher for our last class of today, so we went home after, tired but with a smile on our faces.

Made by Morten Sørensen