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Walking on water

7 April 2015

It was a rainy and cloudy tuesday today, but we have vacation! Nothing is going to knock us out.

Line, Josephine, Caroline and I went to downtown L.A, we finally saw the “real” L.A. We went on a tour at the Disney Concert Hall, a really beautiful building, and a great view from the top!

We walked through Grand Park, and we walked on the water, that was so funny and kind of cool! We were running around like crazy people and got some strangers to take pictures of us.

We also went to Chinatown, and we ate lunch at a chinese restaurant, and they didn’t speak english… at all, or understood english.. at all.

When we came home after an eventful day, we just hung out in our home cinema, and watched movies and relaxed. We have been so few people at home in our house in the vacation, and now people are starting to come home, so now we have to get use to being a lot of people again 🙂

– Cecilie Maria Mahler Dam