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Vacation Vacation

5 April 2015

Today is the second day of our easter vacation and people are still enjoying it. We are only 11 in the house, so it’s very quiet around here.

While the other girls went to go to Laguna beach I decided to go on a Hike with two of my friends from L.A. The hike was in North Hollywood and it is called The Wisdom tree hike, which is absolutely magnificent once you get to the top. At the top of the mountain there were small containers filled with letters from people who had taken the hike, so I decided to write a letter about my life here in California – so if you ever go on that hike, look for my letter 😉

After the hike I went to a photoshoot with the talented Chris Koehl at Malibu beach. Later in the evening the others girls from the house went to a club called ‘Good times’, which has become their favorite place to go to at the moment 😉 I joined my friends freestyle event and stayed there most of the night watching and dancing freestyle to all kind of music – trying to improve my dance skills – mostly burlesque but next time it’s gonna be more contemporary style.

xoxo – Anne Kathrine