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Time to go home..

2 May 2015


It has been the hardest, greatest, most exiting and colourful 3 months I’ve ever had in my life. This is the time I’ve learned the most about myself, and I’ve learned more dancing then I could ever imagine. It’s so nice when the teachers pick you out to dance because they have seen you growing so much since the first time you took their class, 3 months ago. Then you realise that all the hard work, paid off.

I feel so sad to go home now, 3 months went way to fast. I feel like I’m leaving my new life, my new friends, my new dance schools and everything without knowing when I will come back. It’s like leaving your new home. But I’m looking forward to see my family again, so I guess I just have to let go and look forward.

I want to thank Søs for letting this happen, all my classmates for an amazing time, all the great teachers that have teached me so much, all the squirrels running around my house making me happy every morning (haha), the sun and so on. Thankyou!!

I’ll bring all my good memories, and everything I’ve learned with me home and you will soon see me in LA again soon!







-Natalie Kvalvik