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The muffin dance

10 March 2015

Monday 3/9 2015.

Something terrible happened today. Everybody got a Message on their phone about a car Chase. We should keep an eye for a car, because the person in the car had kidnapped a child… We don’t know more about it, but we hope they found the car!

And now to some more chill.
Today we also practised the ballet, that we learned in Denmark. It was hard to remember, but we did a good job. 😀

We had a lot of classes today.. Hip hop, dancehall, lyrical jazz and hip hop again.
In the lyrical jazz, the teacher had some muffins with her and in the end of the class, we could get some of them. She was so cool and it was a hard class! She called the Dance “the muffin Dance”, I don’t know why, but it was probably because she bringed some muffins…

In the weekend and the weekend before, a lot of us got some New tattoos 😀 It is hard to Dance with, but it is Worth it!

-Amalie Hjørnholt.