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The black day!

12 February 2015

Today was a very crowded day. In two out of three classes, there was a new crew of 21 danish people, so there was no space to see and dance, but we had a lot of fun anyway.
Everybody was looking forward to the last evening class, because the teacher was Willdabeast, who is a very popular and famous hip hop dancer. Every body needed to have only black clothes on to his class, because of Willdabeast culture, and it looked so cool!
Earlier in the morning, some of us saw a car chase at the freeway. There was about 7 helicopters flying over the freeway and they were diving down to search for the car. It was in the radio, and they said it was a man with a dangerous weapon.. It felt like a movie!.. But everyday is like a movie and I can´t believe we actually are here right now, it feels like it is to close to see and feel it.

– Amalie Hjoernholt.