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Tapping out!

13 March 2015

Yesterday I was at a view sight at night, where you can see North Hollywood and the cities around it, it was so beautiful to see all those lights!

Today we were practising the ballet, for our show in Denmark, at the house. I’m not a balletgirl, so now when I’m getting better at the choreography, and it’s suddenly making more sense, that’s FREAKING awesome!

We are now allowed to choose some of our classes ourselves, so everybody are going to different schools, some are going to Edge, others to Millenium and Debbie Renolds. There are so many cool and interesting classes over here, and the level is so much higher than Denmark, and there are so many great dancers that we can learn from.

Today we had, hiphop with Andye J, she is so cool! Some of us had hiphop with Calvit Hodge, he is really awesome too, he uses a lot of different elements from different kinds of hiphop, so his choreographies can be challenging, but when you are done with his class, you know that you have learned something! Then we had contemp jazz with Beverly Bautista, she was more focused on teaching us to be tecnical correct and take care of ourselves and our bodies, than doing a choreo, it was really nice, because there are not a lot of technical classes. To finish our day we had 2 hours of tap, that were our first time at tapclasses at Debbie Renolds, the level was high, so we could use all the difficult steps, that we learned at the school in Denmark.

Cecilie Maria Mahler Dam