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Sweet, sunny Cali <3

16 February 2015




Sunday the 15th of February

Our vacation just began and we all have a million things we would like to do even though we also want to relax and enjoy the sun. Luckily, California invites you to combine the two desires and we try our best to do so. Today we went in different directions. Some is still in Las Vegas (they left Saturday), some are with their family and boyfriends, who came to visit, some wanted to go on a hiking trip and a few of us went to visit my American family in sweet Orange County.

Our Sunday therefore began with a small road trip for 1,5 hour going South to the coast more specific Mission Viejo and my American family’s home. My family took us to Laguna Beach, which is an incredible beautiful place filled with a warm, caring and cosy atmosphere. The town is full of small (but very expensive) houses called cottages, which reminded us of small dollhouses. The one even cuter and more creative than the other. At Laguna Beach we walked around in small charming streets filled with small galleries, clothing stores and huge candy stores. We saw a different culture than we have seen in the areas that we normally are surrounded by here, so that was a very nice and new experience for us. Also being in a traditional American neighbourhood in a traditional American house was a good experience for us and we got a delicious Mexican dinner before driving home.

Of cause it has been a lovely day for me spending it with my family and friends, but the best thing was to see how Emma, Linette and Caroline, like me, appreciated being in a calm family atmosphere. We therefore decided to go for a sleepover next time, so that we could have more time to spend in Orange County, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and in general another area of beautiful California. I appreciate every minute I get to spend here and I feel blessed having the opportunity to spend my time in Cali surrounded by both friends and family.

– Christina Jul