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Sweaty Saturday

20 April 2015

Saturday the 25th of April was a lovely day. Almost all the students were out and enjoying themselves, while me and Emma decided to walk to vons which is 3 km. And it was about 30 degrees outside so we got really sweaty – that’s not a surprice. We dance every day and sweat like pigs haha ​​thats our charm. But anyhow it was a very nice trip. Since it was Saturday we bought cake and subway thiiiihii.

When we got home, we decide to go sailing. We have a small boat in our lake. We sat there for about 30 minutes and just enjoyed the weather and talked.

Later that day we went out to a club called Ohm, the event was 18+, so we got in, BUT we got 2 LARGE X on both our hands which meant that your under 21 years .. You feel like a little kid over here, in terms of being out clubbing, but it does not matter really. It was a great evening, with lots of lovely people and good music. We unfortunately did not see any famous this time ..
But we went to Hollywod bouleward Friday, where all stars are, and I saw both Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix !! I could not be more pleased.

Hope you liked it thihi.

peace out
Sólvá Dalfoss Joensen

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