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Sun and Protein! Aaahh!

27 February 2015

Thursday the 26th of February

Today we started off with a contemporary class with the amazing Nick Lanz! After his class we had a break before the hiphop, which there was two different classes to choose from. I took the 3 pm class with Hollywood, which was the later one. So in the break many of us went to the café on the corner, where we now regularly hang out.
(Picture from outside of the café)
We love their protein smoothies, so we enjoyed one in the sun before the upcoming classes.
The hiphop class was really good and challenging! A lot of choreo and intricate steps and details, but I love challenges and to make my body and foremost my brain work 🙂
Then it was time for heels with Jojo Gomez for 1 hour, then a one hour break again.
…Back to the café 😉
And the last class of the day was contemporary/improvisation with Tasha. A super nice girl who knew Sonny and our hiphop teacher Henrik from back at the dance school in Copenhagen. The class started off with improvisation work and then went over to choreography.
Now we’re all pretty beaten after a long day, and it’s starting to feel that it’s Thursday and soon the end off this school week.
At the moment we’re going to Vons, our local grocery store, for some grocery shopping. Then we’re heading home and I know that I will pretty much go straight to bed! Beaten girl signing out.

Molly Hagman