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Sun and Protein! Aaahh!

Thursday the 26th of February Today we started off with a contemporary class with the amazing Nick Lanz! After his class we had a break […]

The big moving day!

After a fantastic evening/night at the big dance Carnival, where some of the most talented dancers from LA performed, we woke up to another sunny […]


Tuesday the 24 of February. Greetings people out in the world! What a day full of joy! We started the day out with Tap dancing, […]

If monday had a face

Today was the first day after the vacation and the rain was  reminding us of that. We started with ballet in the morning and then […]

Road trip

… Vegas baby! On Thursday, ten of us packed our bags and left the house to go on a 3 day trip to beautiful Las […]

Chill day!

We started out not being anybody at the house, cause there are a lot of us gone for Las Vegas… So some of us slept […]

A Whole New World

Today I went to Disneyland with Mathilde, Natalie, Susanne and Adrianna – oh, what a wonderful place! Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed […]

Santa Monica Beach

Today we were all prepared for a tanning day, but the weather didn’t agree with us,  so we only got a few hours of sun. […]

Just a Regular Day in NoHo…

About a week ago me and Sini were hanging out in North Hollywood after our morning ballet class at the Millennium Dance Complex. We hadn’t […]

Presidents’ day

The vacation so far has been really nice (and warm!) But February 16 was Presidents’ day, a holiday in the states. Something about a president’s […]