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Outlet adventure!

Sunday the 22 of March! A joyful weekend day! A lot of money used and a lot of wallets left empty! Most of the students […]


Yeeeeh friday is always a good Day! (everyday is good here though) The day started with practicing ballet in the garden. it was so must […]

An 8 hour workout

Just a regular thursday… We started the day with showing our jazz assignments for the second time. Everyone has been practicing on it since we […]

Classical Tuesday ❤

The day started at 10:00 with the weekly cleaning, where we’re all assigned to clean on different locations around the houses and cars. Caroline and […]

Monday !

Today we all went up early for practicing moderne and group assignments. The weather was amazing so most of us practised outside. Later in the […]

Danger and Doggy bags

It has been a great week, everybody is happy. People are dancing as much as possible. The weekend  was  filled with sun and joy. We […]

You become what you are

Friday the 13th this week was definitely one of the most memorable days for me in a long time. I found out that I was […]

Free dance schedule day!

  Friday the 13th could be a day full of bad karma, but I guess we have been pretty lucky. Despite of a small delay […]

Tapping out!

Yesterday I was at a view sight at night, where you can see North Hollywood and the cities around it, it was so beautiful to […]

A day with Dr. Phil

Even though our days are full of exiting and new experiences, some seem more special and different than others. Thats why I have to tell […]