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A cheesy Sunday in Beverly Hills

The morning started out really quiet, and people slept really long. There was an 18+ party yesterday, so most of the people were out late. […]

Sweaty Saturday

Saturday the 25th of April was a lovely day. Almost all the students were out and enjoying themselves, while me and Emma decided to walk […]

My first photoshoot in Hollywood! ✓

Today the day started at Millennium Dance Complex with ballet at 10am with Laura Quinn. I’ve been told that it should have been a really […]

Point those feet!

This morning, I went to Kana’s ballet class with a few of the other guys and afterwards, we went straight to contemporary with Nick. It’s […]

Shaving much?

Wednesday… Now we can feel the vacation, our bodies are starting to hurt… Like a lot! Today we had to show our jazz solo assignment, which […]

Shining like Illuminati

Just another regular day in Hollywood. We are back from vacation and going hard at it already! Today, we started off with a short house […]

Orange County, family and vacation vibes!

As you probably know, we have enjoyed the Danish Easter vacation the last week and as far as I know, people have enjoyed their vacation […]

San Diego here we go

So Monday was the day where Line, Amalie, Natalia and I decided to go to San Diego. We still have vacation and thought it would […]

Walking on water

It was a rainy and cloudy tuesday today, but we have vacation! Nothing is going to knock us out. Line, Josephine, Caroline and I went to […]

Best family ever

At this time over here, we all have vacation. I have until now spend my vacation with my lovely mom, dad and sister, who came […]