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27 April 2015

Today was our last Sunday in beautiful California before leaving for Copenhagen. After a few cold and grey days, it was nice with some warm and sunny weather – and of course we had to go outside and enjoy it! Cecilie, Josephine and I began the day with a nice cup of coffee and then went to Millennium to take a jazz class with Kenji Yamaguchi. He is an amazing teacher with a really good taste in music, so I must say we kicked the day off pretty well. In the afternoon, the three of us drove to Hollywood Boulevard to finally see the Walk of Fame. I mean, we’ve been there a few times, but we never really took the time to just be turists and take pictures of all the stars. So that was what we did all afternoon! After a couple of hours, we needed a break from the turist stuff, so we decided to be true Americans (not to be judgemental or anything) and have dinner at HOOTERS! We had delicious burgers and curly fries and chicken wings and deepfried shrimps => soooo gooooood! And we were of course served by some tall, pretty girls not wearing much clothes – just like you see in the movies! Later when we got home, a few of us gathered in our home cinema to watch a movie before going to bed.

Now we have less than one week left and time has past by so fast, that it’s hard to believe we are actually leaving this place. I must say; I LOVE LA, but man am I looking forward to going home… Right now, I can’t wait to see my family and friends and give them all a big hug; to sleep in my own bed; to eat Danish vegetables and chill on the couch watching Netflix for a whole day; earning money instead of spending them… 😀

With that being said, I think we are all going to miss it a lot here. Compared to home, there is always places to go and things to do and see in LA – it’s almost like being in a completely different world. So this last week, we will just try to make the most of it. But hey, if we are missing out on anything this time, we can catch up next time – we’ll probably all be back in LA very soon anyways 😉

– Line Hyldborg Jensen