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Spontaneous Sunday

1 April 2015

On Sunday the 29th of March, Line, Cecilie, Veronica and I went on a spontaneous road trip to see the Golden Oak Ranch which is a housing area Disney uses for filmmaking. The ranch is very close to where we live, and actually rumor has it that “our house” has also been used in movies, so we feel kinda famous over here :’D

Afterwards, we finally went to fix our nails again, as we’ve talked about doing for a long time now. The nail salon is in a big shopping mall with many cool shops. It’s so much to see, and so many things I want!

The road trip continued to Santa Monica Beach – not to tan this time though, but to eat dinner and try rollercoasters on the pier. We had a nice and well deserved meal (after two hours in traffic), but even though it was late, there were so many people on the beach that we only had time to try one rollercoaster. Well, that was actually fine, because it was a bit expensive… 8 dollars for one ride? Holy moly!

Now it’s soon time for vacation, so we might feel like going to a bigger amusement park and have a little more time to play around!


Peace out… TEEHEE

Sólvá Dalfoss Joensen