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Shining like Illuminati

15 April 2015

Just another regular day in Hollywood. We are back from vacation and going hard at it already! Today, we started off with a short house meeting and afterwards a good workout in the sun with Nika Kljun. In the afternoon, we went to Millennium to take classes – turns, jazz and hiphop! Woooo

Anyways, some of us only had time to take one class before we had to go to Debbie’s to rehearse. In the last few weeks, we have spent many nights with Superdave and Catharina Izzo rehearsing on a video submission for a Madonna musicvideo – and tonight was the night, when we finally finished the project! We were rehearsing for 4 hours before going to Movement Lifestyle to shoot the video. As soon as we got there, we had one hour to finish – and I think we ended up with a really great result.
It has been such a big experience being a part of this project and working with some amazing choreographers and dancers. And now, we’re just hoping that Madonna chooses this choreo for her video!

– Line Hyldborg Jensen