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Shaving much?

16 April 2015

Wednesday… Now we can feel the vacation, our bodies are starting to hurt… Like a lot!

Today we had to show our jazz solo assignment, which went really well for all of us, and it shows that all of us are getting a lot of inspiration over here!

Yesterday and today, we have been dancing with Nika Kljun, we started practice on a number for our show the 31 of May, it’s gonna be SO awesome!!

Of course we keep dancing! So after training with Nika, we went to train at Millenium! We had some really cool classes – Pumps with Brinn, Jazz Funk with Jeremy Copeland (a really awesome guy!), and Freestyle with Super Dave, fun as always! 😀

When we came home everybody was so tired! So we didn’t have the energy to search for dinosours or unicorns!

We are going to a photoshoot on Friday, so maybe Line should shave before ? Staaaaaaay tuned.

– Cecilie Maria Mahler Dam