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Saturday the 25th

26 April 2015

Hey there, I’m going to write about my Friday (although it’s Saturday today), cause today there’s not much to write about

So yesterday I went up early for a hot yoga class at Millennium, which is a nice way to start your morning. You wake up your body in a great way and prepare it for a day full of dancing. After that one we went back to the house to have a rehearsal with Nika. We finished off the choreo for the show we’re doing back in Denmark in the end of May. Now we’re only missing mine and Mark’s little salsa part which we’re gonna work on soon!

The weather wasn’t too good yesterday so the class we were supposed to have with Sonny later that day got cancelled, and instead we had to take 2 optional classes. So we went back to Millennium again for one popping class with Marie Poppins and one locking class with Dennis Campbell, the son of Don “Campbellock” Campell – the creator of locking. Both classes were good, but it was extra interesting to be taught by Dennis and also get a little bit of history in as well. And he thought of the style “as his father wanted it to be thought” which were his own words.

Later that night I went out salsa dancing. It was arranged by a college so it was on their Campus, so now I’ve been on a college campus in Los Angeles as well. There were gates around the whole campus with guards at the entrance to make sure you have a valid student ID etc. but since there was a special event, I was allowed to enter the campus and it was huge!! Like a little village within the city.

It was a great night of salsa dancing. I met a lot of familiar faces and had many great dances!

Molly Hagman, IDA