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San Diego here we go

7 April 2015

So Monday was the day where Line, Amalie, Natalia and I decided to go to San Diego. We still have vacation and thought it would be nice to see the city because we had heard that it should be a beautiful and cozy city, so off we went 6 o clock in the morning (yes that was toooo early in a vacation). But besides that we had a great long day in San Diego, where we started with breakfast at IHOP, which is the international house of pancakes, so that was delicious. We walked around in the beautiful Balboa Park, that is famous for all the museums and it’s beautiful nature. We also went to one of the best zoo parks in the world, which San Diego also is known for and lies in Balboa Park. After a really nice day in San Diego we ended it with some nice chinese food before the drive home. Some of the others spend their day home in the sun and people are starting to returning to the house again after they have spend some of their vacation with their families.

We are really enjoying the vacation and making sure to get a lot out of it before we are back in the game with dancing at Millennium again!

– Caroline Gomm Haugaard