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Road trip

22 February 2015

… Vegas baby!
On Thursday, ten of us packed our bags and left the house to go on a 3 day trip to beautiful Las Vegas. We arrived at 10am and decided to go check out the city immediately. After a short walk, we found ourselves in the middle of the Strip acting like complete tourists; everyone had a camera in their hand and was posing in front of all of the big hotels. Time was passing by so fast and we didn’t come back to the hostel before 5pm.

We had booked a cheap room in advance at a hostel called Hostel Cat – which does sound a tiny bit suspicious – but it turned out to be the most awesome place! All the rooms were surrounding a yard where people would hangout, listen to music and drink beer, so this was of course the place we spent most of our two nights (since you have to be 21 to get into most places in Vegas and we are not…).  Anyways, people were really nice and we went with some of them to see Vegas by night on Thursday and a so called street party on Friday. All in all, it has been a really great experience; Las Vegas is a crazy, beautiful city in both day- and nighttime – and we will definitely come back! 😉

Saturday morning, we left the hostel early to go see the Grand Canyon. Even though it was an almost 5 hour drive, it was so much worth it! We spent two hours just walking around the border and enjoying the view. Many of us risked our lives by climbing the fenceless rocks to take some cool pictures – what an adrenaline rush! Unfortunately, it was a bit cold out there in the desert of Arizona, and even though we had put on all of our clothes, it didn’t take long before we decided to return home to LA.

On the way home, the car I was in stopped by a nice little diner in a nice little town called Seligman to get some “fuel” before the long drive. What we didn’t know was that this town is apparently the birthplace of the historic Route 66 – so that was pretty cool and a great ending for a great road trip!

Thank you all for some amazing days 🙂

– Line Hyldborg Jensen