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Presidents’ day

17 February 2015

The vacation so far has been really nice (and warm!) But February 16 was Presidents’ day, a holiday in the states. Something about a president’s birthday, but in our case, it was all the discount in the outlets that mattered . We drove 1,5 hour to get to an outlet in East L.A. Justin Timberlake was singing loudly in the speakers in the car and so was all of us. So it didn’t feel that long. Everybody used a lot of money, and we were there for so many hours.. It were all worth it though, a BigMc and a cheeseburger helped a lot, before we took the car and drove home again. A tired car went happily home with their treasures. Next stop –Surreal Limits Tattoo! I have an appointment tomorrow, so that will be fun, many hours off pain, YAY!

– Emma Louise Rasmussen