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Praise the sun!☀

4 May 2015

Our last Tuesday in LA started out with outdoor training for our show the 31st of May with Nika Kljun from 9.30-11am, followed by outdoor training as well with Sonny from 11-13pm.


Puh! After several hours in the sun, we all ate a welldeserved lunch, whereupon some of us drove towards Millennium Dance Complex to take a Hiphop class with Misha Gabriel followed by a Heels class with Michelle ’Jersey’ Maniscalo; two really good and challenging classes! ♪♫


After 6 hours of training we decided to go to Venice Beach – our absolutely last chance to enjoy the sun and heat of LA! We bathed, absorbed the sun, played beach volley and soccer and talked with random guys – totally #girlcoziness 🙂 ☀


When the sun went down, we ate nearby at the Cheesecake Factory, which we’d been highly recommended to go to – and it was indeed yummy! I’ve never seen so many different cheesecakes at one place in my whole life, wow!


All in all it has been a great day with time to both dance and enjoy the soon-to-be-missed-sun – ending with a cozy Girls Night Out ❤


The days are running by so fast, too bloody fast! I really don’t wanna leave LA!


Sunshine kisses,


✿ Juliette Schaufuss ✿