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Point those feet!

17 April 2015

This morning, I went to Kana’s ballet class with a few of the other guys and afterwards, we went straight to contemporary with Nick. It’s so nice to work a little on the technique after the vacation! In the afternoon, we had an awesome hiphop class with Alex Fetbroth. He did an impro combo which everyone had a pretty hard time doing, but it was cool trying a different style of dancing and learning. The last class of the day was another contemporary/impro class with Tasha. It’s so much fun as always, but also a great challenge if you’re not really a contemporary dancer.

When we finally got to go home (after having killed 7 hours of dancing), we spent all night catwalking and showing off our best looks for the photoshoot on friday. We are 11 people going, and most of us have never tried a pro photoshoot before. It’s gonna be so exciting!!!

Staaaaaaaay tuned

– Line Hyldborg Jensen