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Outlet adventure!

23 March 2015

Sunday the 22 of March!

A joyful weekend day!
A lot of money used and a lot of wallets left empty!
Most of the students from IDA went to different outlets to find amazing and fabulous dance wear!

Some decided to stay home and enjoy our ranch with only few people present!
It was a joy for all of us to have time with ourselves, or be few in numbers!

I personally went dinosaur tracking!
Have to make sure that there are no dinosaurs at the ranch!
And I can now confirm that there are no dinosaurs on our ranch!
… But the neighbors ranches look suspicious…

All in all a relaxed day for all of the student on IDA!

I wish you all around the world a pleasant day, or night!

Many kind regards
Mark Hougaard Meihlen – The dancing dinosaur hunting dinosaur tracker!