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Orange County, family and vacation vibes!

10 April 2015

As you probably know, we have enjoyed the Danish Easter vacation the last week and as far as I know, people have enjoyed their vacation with family, friends, boyfriends and great experiences. I myself have been with my parents, whom I missed and were looking forward to see. The first part of the vacation we were in Valencia, which is the area the Academy lives in. In Valencia my parents had the opportunity to see everything from my daily life and I enjoyed showing them the dance studies, Millennium and Debbie Reynolds, and of cause our beautiful home. Being in our everyday area also invited us to come around in Hollywood and Beverly Hills like real tourists are supposed to do. My dad, who had one of his guy-dreams coming true when he rented a convertible Mustang, crushed around in the sun like another Bel Air champion. Sadly for us, the dreams only last that long, but we had fun while it lasted.

San Diego was also a place we visited and after being all historical and cultural with half-a-day on the USS Midway Museum, we relaxed in the areas of Little Italy, Old Town and the Gaslamp Quarter. Even though we cannot complain about the weather in general in California, San Diego was colder than Canyon Country and LA, which made me miss my “home” a bit. I like San Diego, but for now I am still a Hollywood and LA girl!

The vacation for me ended with a few days with my American family in Orange County. We spend a great time together and after a small sail trip in Newport, the vacation felt complete. I am now back with all the others from the Academy and everybody has good stories to tell about their vacations. I am sure everybody had a great time and even though some might be able to use a few more days of vacation, I am glad that we start dancing tomorrow. I missed it a lot and I am looking forward to give it my all the few weeks we have left.

– Christina Jul