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26 April 2015

Today my day started at Millennium Dance Complex with Heated Yoga at 9-10.30am with Janet Martinez.

I’ve been taking Heated Yoga as the first class the last 3 days, and I’m simply loving it!

Heated yoga is a yoga class done in a heated room. The heated yoga class Janet teaches is a flowing vinyasa (means: “connection”) style of practice in which she instructs a series of linked poses in which movement is synchronized to the breath. The breath becomes an important component because she will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. Yoga is helping your flexibility and strength while it also has a calming reaction to your body – kind of like meditation, after my opinion. It’s super good for the mind, and I am 100% sure that it keeps sickness away!

I’ve completely fallen in love with Heathed Yoga and I want to keep practicing it and make it a weekly ritual, when I come home to Denmark. Another goal I intend to make a reality! ✓

Afterwards I had Ballet with Kenji Yamaguchi at 10.30-11.30am, followed by Contemporary with Nick Lanzisera from 11.30-1pm.

After 4 hours of intense training (with 3,5 hours more to go for my part) I and some of the others had lunch consisting of a delicious refreshing smoothie and turkey sandwich from our regular place Café Villa.

At 4.30-5.30pm I had Turns class with Eric Ellis followed by Jazz from 5.30-7pm jazz, also with Ellis. Two great classes, where I can see how much I’ve improved my jazz and turning skills since I got here. I’m looking forward to post some videos of my improved turns on my Instagram! 🙂

From 7-8pm we all had Improvisation Contemporary class with Tasha Hamilton, where we did some exercises followed by learning a choreo ending with a long improvisation. We’ve had the chance of taking so many improvisation classes over here and I can feel it has finally paid of! I don’t feel completely intimidated when a choreographer says I need to improvise anymore. Instead I now take it as a great challenge to learn a new side of myself and to discover what my own body is capable of doing – and maybe even discovering a new cool move in the process.

I’m so thankful for that ❤
All in all it has been a good Thursday with a bit more classical training than usual with lessons just after my taste – nice!

I am excited to see what tomorrow morning brings!



Juliette Schaufuss ✿