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My first photoshoot in Hollywood! ✓

19 April 2015

Today the day started at Millennium Dance Complex with ballet at 10am with Laura Quinn. I’ve been told that it should have been a really good lesson. Unfortunately we were a few cars which didn’t make it on time due to tailback on the highway; the perks of driving a car in LA in the early hours.

When we finally arrived after sitting in line for over 1 hour, the next problem was to find a parking space… Such a shame! I’d really been looking forward to starting the day out with ballet – on the bright side, now I have one extra optional class I can use in the weekend.

Today was the day where 11 of us were going to our first photoshoot in Hollywood – so exciting!

After ballet, us 11 models went home preparing for the shoot. It was exactly like the very used scene from movies where the leading role is playing dress up and is having a big makeover. We helped each other pick out outfits, putting on makeup and styling our hair. It was really fun!

The photoshoot took place in the center of Hollywood Boulevard at photographer Vince Trupsin’s home and studio. A super talented photographer who made us all look great!

I had as the only one selected two outfits, because my purpose with this shoot was to display two sides of myself: The smiling, natural Juliette and the more edgy and sexy Juliette. The pictures can therefore be used for all kinds of auditions, because my goal is to become a versatile dancer as possible. There are so many amazing dance styles, which we are presented to every single day and there is not one teacher or dancer who dances alike here – everyone is their own, which is so inspiring! I wanna be able to dance as many dance styles as possible – that’s my goal 🙂

It was enormously rewarding to see all the others being photographed, being behind the scenes getting inspired, though there were more pressure on you as 24 eyes were spotted directly on you throughout the whole shoot.

All in all it was a great and inspiring shoot, and I will look forward to the next one – it will definitely not be my last! 🙂

After the photoshoot we went out and ate a well deserved dinner. Afterwards Mathilde, Molly and I went to a salsa and bachata social party at the Grizzly Dance Studio. We danced salsa and bachata all night long, and it was so much fun! We will definitely go out again next weekend! 😀


A great Friday! Several of them, please

I look forward to showing you pictures from the photoshoot, which I will put on Facebook and Instagram soon 🙂

Sunshinekisses from a very happy,

✿ Juliette Schaufuss