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Laguna beach

3 April 2015

Cecilie, Line, Caroline, Amalie and I went to Laguna Beach today, which is 2 hours away from where we live.

We came around 2 and left around 6. The beach is so beautiful, and when we first saw it, it was like you imagine in movies with palms and the blue sea.

We also saw three Dolphins when we where there. Everybody was running down to the water to get closer. And it was very amazing, cause they weren’t very far out in the sea!

Otherwise, Caroline and I went out to swim! It was very cold in the beginning (as always), but very nice when we got used to it! The rest was sleeping in the sun! So, some of us is a little bit sun-burned… But we survived! It was a very nice day!

Now, we have vacation!!! It’s not many people in the house so it’s very quiet now! Some are with there families, some are in Denmark, some are looking for dinosaurs, and the rest is just spread out in USA!

Yesterday (2. April), Stine, Morten, Sólvá, Natalie and I went on a little “road-trip” around in Los Angeles. We visited Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We went to LA-ink, Miley Cyrus’ house, Hollywood walk of fame, Rodeo Dr, and where the tv-show Beverly Hills was recorded.

Hope everybody is enjoying their time and IDA wish you all a wonderful vacation!!