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Just another great dancing day

11 March 2015

To many people dancing every day for many hours, can feel the same, and like you are not going anyway. But our teachers here tells us, that every class you take is your way of getting better, and getting closer to taking the next step. Being in North Hollywood is super inspiring, and every day is a new opportunity. Today was as mentioned another great dancing day. We had 5 different classes today, 2 hiphop classes with Issac T and Lashaun Price who both challenged us with the timing and the vibe of the choreography. Freestyle class with the amazing Chris Koehl and street jazz with Gerran Resse. They both had the message, that dancers and dance is art, and we are the ones who has to create it. At last we had a different and energetic jazz class with Andre Fuentes.   It has again been a very good day here in NoHo!

– Carina Birch IDA.