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Hip Hop Thursday!

7 March 2015

After some cold days with rain this weekend, it is so nice to have the sun back! The last couple of days, I have eaten my breakfast outside in the sun, since the classes started at 2 pm.

Today we only had Hip Hop. The first class was with the one and only Jian Pierre, who we had as a guest teacher in Denmark. The second class was with Andye J, who we also had in heels performance yesterday. She has so much energy, and she really appreciate people who takes her class.

After one hour lunch break, it was Hip Hop with Phlex. He had a more heavy Hip Hop style, then the others.

Then we went back to millennium and had our first Hip Hop class with Nika Kljun. She is so sweet, and I liked her style, but it was so fast! 🙂

Every day is like this, and it’s so amazing! Dancing in LA is one of my best experiences 😀

Susanne Sundby Kind