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22 March 2015

Yeeeeh friday is always a good Day! (everyday is good here though)

The day started with practicing ballet in the garden. it was so must fun to Dance together outside. Even though some of us were a little tired.

When we were done doing the ballet we went to Debbies. There were an audition for Disney, so there were soooo many People, we couldn’t even find a parking spot in the beginning.

We had afro fusion, hiphop, jazz funk and Then hiphop again. The classes were cool as always.

After the last class, we got ready to go to edge to see Sonny and Toni Basil reherse for a show. That was so cool to see. They had mixed ballet with locking. We were all really impressed. When the rehearsal  was done, People went to different places. Some went to see the new movie Cinderella, some went home and some including me went to a bar “Good Times” that we been to before. There was a lot of People at the bar, but we had so must fun. There were to people performing on roller-skates on top of a roof. They were so good, we were so happy to experience that. A Live band was playing almost all night, so we were just dancing and having fun. The time went by so fast, so when the time was 05:00 in the morning we had to go home.

It was a long but awesome friday.


Linette Sonne Borgersen