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Free dance schedule day!

14 March 2015


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Friday the 13th could be a day full of bad karma, but I guess we have been pretty lucky. Despite of a small delay in traffic because of a big accident, the day has gone by without big problems and bad karma. Today was the first day where we could completely decide and design our own dance schedules. In other words we had to decide which five classes we wanted to take. We could pick whichever classes we were in the mood for and at whatever studio we wanted. A lot of us have missed dancing at Millennium after moving our dancing to Debbie Reynolds, so we wanted to go back to Millennium for a short while. Also to take some ballet and get back into the classical world after a lot of hours with hiphop and the groovier dance styles. Therefore a lot of us went to take ballet with Laura, who we like a lot. Her classes are always fun and she is good at explaining the technique in a way that makes it understandable for even the biggest hiphop dancers with no ballet background at all. After a good ballet class we took a very sweaty and hard SALT class, which is a fitness class were your muscles get tested and work so hard that they hurt (in a good way though!). Luckily Millennium and Debbies are on the same road, which makes it easier to combine your schedule in between the two studios. So after a very needed protein shake at our favorite juice bar, we went to Debbies to take three classes – Afro Fuzion with Reegan Haynes, Hiphop with Bosco and Jazz Funk with Miguel Antonio. All teachers are really good and almost all of us have a special crush on Miguel – both because of his cute looks but mostly because of his amazing choreos that combine jazz with hiphop and funk.

Having said that we could design our schedules ourselves, we did not all take the same classes, and therefore some are still at Debbies and others went to take classes at a third dance studio called The Edge. I am sure they have had an amazing and exciting day as well as us with a lot of good dancing. Now we sit around in the kitchen – some is cooking dinner, some is eating ice cream. What goes for all of us is that we are very tired after a long, hard and good week with amazing dance classes. The weekend will be full of dancing as well, because we have a jazz-duo and a hiphop solo for Wednesday, so we are all quite busy. Furthermore, I know that a lot of us want to use our free pass to Debbies the fullest and take a lot of extra classes, so we all need a good night sleep before the dancing goes on in the weekend.

– Christina Jul