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Finally weekend!

2 March 2015

It’s been a hard, but really good week. My mother came to visit me here in LA this week, so we were enjoing Venice Beach in the weekend, and she came to watch some of my classes at Millennium. We just started the intensively training with 4 classes a day and new assignments, this time a jazz-duo. But at the same time this week have been so colorful and inspiring! We finally had our first contemporary classes, and I espesially liked the class we had with Nathan Trasoras. I love the way he teach and his style suited me perfectly as he mixed my two favourite styles, hiphop and contemporary. We also got to try out different impro-classes and girly/heels/pumps classes this week which I love so much. We had our first pumps class this week, and I really love this classes. Our really nice teacher Brinn Nicole were so kind and wanted to give 3 of the dancers in the class that performed well and had personality in the dance, a free spray tan gift certificate. There were a lot of people in the class, maybe around 40-50, and they were all so good! It wasn’t even in my mind that I could be one of the lucky girls to “win” this. So when we were standing there waiting, and she came and gave it to me I was speachless! I’m so blessed that she wanted to give it to little me from Norway, who just came here 3 weeks ago, and try to do my best. It’s not because I need it so much, but just that feeling that she saw me in that overcrowded room. It’s hard to describe, but when you come here and feel so bad between all this perfect, talented, well trained LA dancers that have been doing this for years, and you get picked out, that’s just the best feeling! Thanyou so much Brinn for giving me my happiest moment in a long time! What I really love about this place is that all the classes you take is so different, and all the teachers has their own special style and passion for the dance which is so inspiring. You really get to know yourself and you can finally put words on what it is that you want to do in your own career as a dancer. There is also so many inspiring and talented dancers in all the classes, who work so hard to reach their own goals and dreams. And when we are talking about inspiriation. Thuesday we were recommended to go to a show/party called “Carnival”, a traditional danceshow they have every year here in LA. There were alot of battle sircles, and the dancers were not only really talented, but also so nice and kind people. A really good experience! All the dancing culture here is so different from the small place in Northern-Norway where i grew up. And I really love it! I love that they collect so many dancers from all over the world to jam/party together at the same time as they put up this perfect show where they show us some of the best dancers in the world and really good shows of every kind. So as I tried to say in the start, it’s been a good , but hard week with long days and not enough sleep as we were home at 4am one day, and another day we had late classes and were home at 1am. I think we all could feel it in our bodies, and we really needed this weekend to recover and get ready for a new week! We will also use the weekend to make the jazz-duo, as w e didn’t have time or energy to do it in the week days.


-Natalie Kvalvik