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Finally weekend and amazing weather

8 March 2015

Saturday, finally!! Free and relaxing it’s what we need right now after a hard week at the new dance studio Debbie Reynolds. By the way a really fantastic dance studio . Even though we really wanted to sleep much longer than we are used to, we were suppose to wake up early and go to the car rental and fix a new contract.

Finally when we were done, somebody went to the beach in Santa Monica and had a great time there, and somebody went to Debbies to take some dance classes, and somebody as me, went home and had a really good day in the big house with only 3 people in the whole house. Even though I love all those people, and they are really amazing, all of us just need at least one day with our own privacy.

Afterwards when everybody came home from everywhere, some of us went to a country club. Before we were leaving Denmark, we had a couple of classes about country music and dance, with our amazing teacher Michael, so it was really fantastic to watch all the people who were dancing line dance (we was trying as well, but it didn’t go that well) and a coupledance call twostep.

It was really nice to experience and try something new, so we came home with a really big smile on our faces, after a amazing day and night.

Adriana Hlinkova