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Debbie’s crib!

4 March 2015

Today has been a hectic day! We started the day with delivering our first duo jazz assignment where we had to present a classic jazz performance. Everyone was nervous and excited because it was our FIRST assignment here in the US. We showed our work to Søs who gave us some good feedback and a lot of stuff to work on for our next assignment. Exciting!

Afterwards, we went directly to have our first classes at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio – and what a great start! We began with a street jazz class with Gerran where we had to work with a certain character and our own feeling of the choreo. We all think it’s funny how the teachers call us “the danish group” and in this class, we were all called out to dance together. It is nice to be seen and show who we are from time to time! We also had a freestyle class with Chris which was so cool! First of all, he was such a great dancer, but he was also very inspiring and probably one of the best teachers I have ever had. You could just tell how much passion he had for teaching us, and it made all of us enjoy freestyling. It was so different from other classes, but it was awesome! Then we had jazz with Marc where everyone – including the teacher – was having fun and goofing around which caught at least my attention and made me more focused. We ended with a chill hiphop class with the amazing teacher Jabari. Even though it was very chill, it was hard and challenging. He was so good at taking one step at a time and he made sure that everyone had the steps before moving on. Anyways, I think all the teachers were quite shocked when they saw how many people showed up today!

On the way home from the studio, we stopped by Walmart and bought hair color – uuuuuhhh! We’ve all gotten into that crazy “LA mood” so everyone is getting tattoos, piercings and new looks all the time. Exciting! (sorry parents)


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