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Danger and Doggy bags

16 March 2015

It has been a great week, everybody is happy. People are dancing as much as possible. The weekend  was  filled with sun and joy. We woke up and went out on the balcony, it got boring so we decided to sail in our little pool/lake. We would have jumped in but it hadn’t been cleaned in a while.
Chris wanted a new iPhone so some of us went with her, but all of us ended up with buying a lot of great new stuff. We all deserved a fabulous meal, so we ate at a Thai restaurant. Me and Chris were hungry, so we ordered Sushi, soup, salad, rice and a wok thingy with noodles (we got a doggy bag with us).

The day after me and three other girls went out to hike, it was so dangerous, we almost died. We climbed up at a almost vertical mountain and there were snake holes all over in the ground, everybody came home safely though. Besides that it was a really nice trip and good to get some fresh air and dirt under the fingernails. Noodles for dinner and a long rest before a new week with dancing in amazing L.A.

Love, Emma <3