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Classical Tuesday ❤

19 March 2015

The day started at 10:00 with the weekly cleaning, where we’re all assigned to clean on different locations around the houses and cars. Caroline and I have the task to sweep and wash the large hallway, stairs, interior balcony and clean the public toilet.

At 12:00 Mollie, Mathilde, Josephine, AK and I drove to Edge Performing Arts Center, where we took classes from 13-17.30; Jazz 3 was unfortunately canceled, so we started with Ballet with Kana Miyamoto followed by Contemporary with Marissa Osato and Contemporary with Martha Nichols. 3 great classes with some amazing teachers!

On Edge the level of the classic styles (ballet, jazz, contemporary) is very high in relation to Millennium and Debbie Reynolds, where they’re focusing more on hiphop – so, Edge is just the right place for me! Edge is definitely my favorite dance studio.

Afterwards we got a well deserved smoothie from “Golden Gym”, and drove towards Debbies, where we had Freestyle with Chris Koehl from 18-19. Furthermore, we have also had freestyle in “Mastering the Art of Dance” with Teresa Espinosa, in Hiphop with Super Dave and Contemporary with Tasha Hamilton.

The atmosphere is always very special to Freestyle classes. You can clearly feel that we all have butterflies in our stomachs when we need to freestyle, as it is the only time where we do not get a choreography, but instead must embark on uncharted waters and improvise. I can clearly see how much the freestyle classes improves all of us and it’s just amazing to witness! I’m deeply grateful to have the opportunity to explore my creativity, and find out who I am as a person and how I can express myself through my dance, in these hours ❤

Afterwards we were meant to have “Masculine Appeal”, but unfortunately it was only boys who was allowed to attend … So we went home to practice our Jazz Duo Assignments and Hiphop Solos for the Wednesday’s big “Performing Day”. Every week we’re getting choreography assignments to unfold our creativity.

And now for the little more emotional news:

Jytte Fredie-Pedersen died peacefully on 10.03.2015 in an age of 93 years. Together with her husband Fredie-Pedersen she established the foundation of Denmark’s oldest private dance school.

All of us from IDA went to buy flowers and chocolate, as a sign of our sympathy towards the family. I’ve only heard positive things about Jytte and her great joy – I hope she’s in a good place now and reunited with her husband 🙂

IDA sends love and the warmest thoughts to FP-family ❤❤❤❤

I’m so happy here in LA and I can hardly bear the thought that we are halfway in the course here – I don’t want to fly back home again! I’ve FALLEN IN LOVE with LA!


Juliette Schaufuss (Gossip Girl 😉 )