Time to go home..

  It has been the hardest, greatest, most exiting and colourful 3 months I’ve ever had in my life. This is the time I’ve learned the most about myself, and I’ve learned more dancing then I could ever imagine. It’s so nice when the teachers pick you out to dance because they […]

A cheesy Sunday in Beverly Hills

The morning started out really quiet, and people slept really long. There was an 18+ party yesterday, so most of the people were out late. We were a few girls who went to Beverly Hills and saw Rodeo drive. There were a lot of big beautiful houses, and a lot […]

Sweaty Saturday

Saturday the 25th of April was a lovely day. Almost all the students were out and enjoying themselves, while me and Emma decided to walk to vons which is 3 km. And it was about 30 degrees outside so we got really sweaty – that’s not a surprice. We dance […]