If monday had a face

Today was the first day after the vacation and the rain was  reminding us of that. We started with ballet in the morning and then an awesome contemporary class with Nathan Trasoras and everyones mood went straight up. We finished the day of with Hiphop. David Moore taught a cool […]

Road trip

… Vegas baby! On Thursday, ten of us packed our bags and left the house to go on a 3 day trip to beautiful Las Vegas. We arrived at 10am and decided to go check out the city immediately. After a short walk, we found ourselves in the middle of […]

Chill day!

We started out not being anybody at the house, cause there are a lot of us gone for Las Vegas… So some of us slept as long as we could! Just what we needed after the day in Disney land yesterday! After a relaxed morning we all got ready to […]

A Whole New World

Today I went to Disneyland with Mathilde, Natalie, Susanne and Adrianna – oh, what a wonderful place! Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of visiting Disneyland, and now it finally became a reality. To our great surprise, we learned that there are both Disneyland and California Adventure – […]

Santa Monica Beach

Today we were all prepared for a tanning day, but the weather didn’t agree with us,  so we only got a few hours of sun. But we still had an amazing time ! We went swimming and afterwards we all went for a walk on the pieer. It was a beautiful […]

Just a Regular Day in NoHo…

About a week ago me and Sini were hanging out in North Hollywood after our morning ballet class at the Millennium Dance Complex. We hadn’t picked up our US prepaid cards for our cellphones yet, so we decided that it would be a perfect time to do that before our […]

Presidents’ day

The vacation so far has been really nice (and warm!) But February 16 was Presidents’ day, a holiday in the states. Something about a president’s birthday, but in our case, it was all the discount in the outlets that mattered . We drove 1,5 hour to get to an outlet […]

Sweet, sunny Cali <3

    Sunday the 15th of February Our vacation just began and we all have a million things we would like to do even though we also want to relax and enjoy the sun. Luckily, California invites you to combine the two desires and we try our best to do […]

Valentines Day !

It is valentines day today, and the supermarkeds are filled with stuffed animals, balloons, flowers and a lot of candy. Today is also the first day in our vacation; 3 of the girls went to Las Vegas, some stayed home in the sun, I went with 3 of the other girls […]

Friday the 13th

Our last day at Millinium Dance Complex before our first vacation! We started the day with at great Jazz class with Eric Ellis, whereafter we had a hip hop class with a guy called Mykell. Afterwards we had hip hop with SuperDave, who we have had in Denmark before. It […]