Classical Tuesday ❤

The day started at 10:00 with the weekly cleaning, where we’re all assigned to clean on different locations around the houses and cars. Caroline and I have the task to sweep and wash the large hallway, stairs, interior balcony and clean the public toilet. At 12:00 Mollie, Mathilde, Josephine, AK […]

Monday !

Today we all went up early for practicing moderne and group assignments. The weather was amazing so most of us practised outside. Later in the afternoon we went to take Classes at Debbie Reynolds, we had hip hop with Rob Rich, Dancehall Funk with Lorenzo, stretch Class with Marc Spalding, […]

Danger and Doggy bags

It has been a great week, everybody is happy. People are dancing as much as possible. The weekend  was  filled with sun and joy. We woke up and went out on the balcony, it got boring so we decided to sail in our little pool/lake. We would have jumped in […]

You become what you are

Friday the 13th this week was definitely one of the most memorable days for me in a long time. I found out that I was accepted to an American drama school for their musical theatre BFA program. Before I even came to this school I already knew that I was […]

Free dance schedule day!

  Friday the 13th could be a day full of bad karma, but I guess we have been pretty lucky. Despite of a small delay in traffic because of a big accident, the day has gone by without big problems and bad karma. Today was the first day where we […]

Tapping out!

Yesterday I was at a view sight at night, where you can see North Hollywood and the cities around it, it was so beautiful to see all those lights! Today we were practising the ballet, for our show in Denmark, at the house. I’m not a balletgirl, so now when I’m getting better at […]

A day with Dr. Phil

Even though our days are full of exiting and new experiences, some seem more special and different than others. Thats why I have to tell you about the other day. Linette, Christina and I were so lucky that we were invited to be a part of the audience at Dr. […]

Just another great dancing day

To many people dancing every day for many hours, can feel the same, and like you are not going anyway. But our teachers here tells us, that every class you take is your way of getting better, and getting closer to taking the next step. Being in North Hollywood is […]

The muffin dance

Monday 3/9 2015. Something terrible happened today. Everybody got a Message on their phone about a car Chase. We should keep an eye for a car, because the person in the car had kidnapped a child… We don’t know more about it, but we hope they found the car! And […]

Lazy Sunday!

Today we didn’t do much! The weather was amazing so many of us decided to spend the day out in the sun! Some went out to take ekstra danceclasses while others went to get tattoos at our ‘regular’ tattoo shop! All in all it was indeed a lazy sunday where […]