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25 February 2015

Tuesday the 24 of February.

Greetings people out in the world!
What a day full of joy!
We started the day out with Tap dancing, with the amazing Greg Poland, 10:30, at Millennium Dance Complex! It was quite an experience to have him! A tall man with feet as fast as lightning! He could make sounds that were not thought be possible! I guess it is true.
Practice makes master.

We then had a break from 10:30 to 3’o’clock.
At that point we all started to spread out in several directions! Some went to a park near by, while others walked around in the area, looking at the building, stores and so on.

I myself decided to look for the dinosaurs, but no luck finding them this time… Sadly. I will continue my journey, though.

Others also decided to start their work on a Jazz Duet we have been assigned.
We are all looking forward to what the creative students of I.D.A can come up with.

As time went by, people started to finish their business. We slowly gathered at Millennium Dance Complex, once again. Ready for our next class! Hip Hop with Lando Coffy!
A special man with a special choreography! It was a lot of fun to be in his class and he reminded us of why we are taking classes. And that if we don’t go full out everytime, then it would be a waste of money and time to be there.
Sometimes you just need to be reminded of such things.

After Lando Coffy’s lesson, a few of the girls decided to join in on Heels with Jojo Gomez.
I have been told that it was great fun and an interesting choreography and style!

The next and last lesson for today was Jazz with Eric Ellis the Turn doctor!
It was a joy to have this elder man full of energy again!
He taught a jazz Choreo with lots of turns and directions.
I personally never got all of them… BUT I WILL!

After all the dancing was over, most of us decided to join in on the Choreographers Carnival! An event here in LA at the club Avalon.
One of the teachers from I.D.A, Nika Kjlun, performed and put a piece on the stage!
There were lots of amazing dancers and choreographies that night!
All from Hip Hop to Contemporary!

Most of us arrived home VERY late and what a joy! We have to get up early and have fitness with Søs tomorrow!
Wuup! Wuup!

Lots of text!
Lots of mistakes in grammar and spelling!
But, thank you all for ready all the way to the bottom line, soon.

Peace out from the second year student and the second boy in a house full of girls,
The Dancing Dinosaur hunter –
Mark Hougaard Meihlen!