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Carnival 2.0

25 March 2015

Today, Tuesday, we started off the day with ballet and contemporary practice and once we finished that I directly started choreographing my hiphop assignment. The hardest part for me is always to choose the song, but once I made that decision the choreographing part when pretty well and ideas were flowing. All of a sudden I realized that it was soon time to go to Debbie’s for classes, so I had to stop my work and get ready. Today I was in the car together with Eve and Sini because they also wanted to start at 3pm. Unfortunately there had been some kind of accident on the freeway so traffic stocking was really bad! It took us 1 h and 15 min to get to Debbie’s l, which usually takes 25 min.. So we missed the first class by 20 min, and therefore we made the decision to take an other class that started half an hour earlier than our “supposed to be” second class of the day. This made it possible for us to catch an other 1 hour-class before we were having freestyle, which resulted in us also getting two classes in before the freestyle After the freestyle I took the salsa class at Debbie’s to try it out and it finished at 9pm. So directly after that one it was just to get ready and fresh up cause tonight it was the Carnival!! We came to the venue around 10pm and got in and grabbed something to drink (two free drink tickets included in the entrance ). Then we just hung out, enjoying the atmosphere and watching the freestyle circles with all the amazing dancers! Then the shows started. Wow… There were a LOT of shows!! They were all amazing, of course some more popular than others. But around 1am you could really start to feel it in your back and feet. After a long day of dancing you were pretty tired.. But it was a great experience and since I didn’t go to the Carnival the last time, it was fun to see! So many good dancers and teachers at that one event. You could recognize so many people from the different dance schools we’ve been to now. Fun fun fun!! A good Tuesday for sure!

And of course we had to round off the night with some food, so McDonalds/Denny’s it was! Yum

Hugs Molly