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Bye Copenhagen, Hello Los Angeles

11 February 2015

New week, new challenges for us in LA. Even though we already have been at Millenium Dance Complex on Friday, it was today we started full out with a lot of new energy, that we got from the sun when we was at the Malibu Beach in the weekend. Our first class was ballet at 10:00pm, then we had Jazz Funk at 07:00pm and hiphop with Sonny at 09:00pm. My first thought when I saw the plan was, “What??!!”… But after the ballet class I understood the positive about the plane, we has 7 hours to just Relax and enjoy the sun in our garden before the next dance class. The classes are so amazing, the teachers are so fantastic and really funny. Even though I’m not a ballet dancer and never will be, I really like the ballet classes here at Millenium in LA. I like the teachers at home in Danmark, but you know… Los Angeles it’s just Los Angeles!