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Best family ever

6 April 2015

At this time over here, we all have vacation. I have until now spend my vacation with my lovely mom, dad and sister, who came to visit me. Today we just finished our trip to Las Vegas. We drove there Thursday when the vacation started. On the way, I won some show tickets on the radio, just by accident. It was hilarious. If we have been American, we could have got a vacation worth 2000 $, but sadly, we are not…

Friday we celebrated my dads’ birthday by spending his money in an outlet J we also went to a casino were we ate a nice buffet, but no one won anything. Saturday we experienced something very different. The people we stayed at where invited to a wedding. The wedding ceremony was at a casino, and the groom and bride and the family was dressed in costumes. We celebrated it with some delicious food, and some fun at the old strip in Vegas. I even won 12 $ at one of the casinos.

They have so many weird things going on at the old strip. They have a grill restaurant called ‘heart attack grill’, where you have to wear clothes as if you were at a hospital. The working people there are dressed as doctors and nurses. The visiting people HAVE to finish their food, and if you don’t, then you will be punished in front of all the other guests. If you weight more than 175 kg, you can eat there for free. Things like this is so extreme to look at, but that’s just Vegas.

All in all Vegas is always worth a visit, and especially if you bring family, friends or both.