Sweet, sunny Cali <3

    Sunday the 15th of February Our vacation just began and we all have a million things we would like to do even though we also want to relax and enjoy the sun. Luckily, California invites you to combine the two desires and we try our best to do […]

Valentines Day !

It is valentines day today, and the supermarkeds are filled with stuffed animals, balloons, flowers and a lot of candy. Today is also the first day in our vacation; 3 of the girls went to Las Vegas, some stayed home in the sun, I went with 3 of the other girls […]

Friday the 13th

Our last day at Millinium Dance Complex before our first vacation! We started the day with at great Jazz class with Eric Ellis, whereafter we had a hip hop class with a guy called Mykell. Afterwards we had hip hop with SuperDave, who we have had in Denmark before. It […]

The perfect day

Today we all woke up tired. But after the first ballet class we were ready for the day. In the radio, at “throw back thursday”, they said it was going to be the perfect day because of the weather. The sky was all blue and the sun was shining. We […]

The black day!

Today was a very crowded day. In two out of three classes, there was a new crew of 21 danish people, so there was no space to see and dance, but we had a lot of fun anyway. Everybody was looking forward to the last evening class, because the teacher […]

Dance, dance.. DANCE!!

Our first week in LA has been beyond amazing and we are just getting started! Yesterday we went to the beautiful Zuma Beach in Malibu! Here we practiced jazz technique and a jazz choreo by the talented Eric Ellis! Zuma Beach is very beautiful and we saw dolphins and baby […]

Bye Copenhagen, Hello Los Angeles

New week, new challenges for us in LA. Even though we already have been at Millenium Dance Complex on Friday, it was today we started full out with a lot of new energy, that we got from the sun when we was at the Malibu Beach in the weekend. Our […]

Morning Stretch

I.D.As students stretching in the morning after a long run around the Ranch. We’re building the stamina back up and stretching those muscles out after days of traveling and jet lag. They all have to be ready for the vigorous 3 months of training that lies ahead.

1st day of studies in Los Angeles

International Dance Academy’s students started their 1st day of studies at Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood. Ahead lies 3 months of intensive training in Los Angeles.

Welcome to the I.D.A Ranch

We have officially arrived in Los Angeles! As the academy grows bigger so must the ‪International Dance Academy’s house. Welcome to the I.D.A Ranch! We wish our students all the very best of learning and an unforgettable experience. ‪#‎IDA‬ ‪#‎AnEducationOfALifetime‬