Just another great dancing day

To many people dancing every day for many hours, can feel the same, and like you are not going anyway. But our teachers here tells us, that every class you take is your way of getting better, and getting closer to taking the next step. Being in North Hollywood is […]

The muffin dance

Monday 3/9 2015. Something terrible happened today. Everybody got a Message on their phone about a car Chase. We should keep an eye for a car, because the person in the car had kidnapped a child… We don’t know more about it, but we hope they found the car! And […]

Lazy Sunday!

Today we didn’t do much! The weather was amazing so many of us decided to spend the day out in the sun! Some went out to take ekstra danceclasses while others went to get tattoos at our ‘regular’ tattoo shop! All in all it was indeed a lazy sunday where […]

Finally weekend and amazing weather

Saturday, finally!! Free and relaxing it’s what we need right now after a hard week at the new dance studio Debbie Reynolds. By the way a really fantastic dance studio . Even though we really wanted to sleep much longer than we are used to, we were suppose to wake […]

Hip Hop Thursday!

After some cold days with rain this weekend, it is so nice to have the sun back! The last couple of days, I have eaten my breakfast outside in the sun, since the classes started at 2 pm. Today we only had Hip Hop. The first class was with the […]

Amazing Heel Day!

It was time to put the high heels on! Both for the girls and the boys. Some of us had to go shopping for new pair of high heels before a long day ahead with burlesque and high heels performing class. As yesterday we changed dance studio from “millennium dance […]

Debbie’s crib!

Today has been a hectic day! We started the day with delivering our first duo jazz assignment where we had to present a classic jazz performance. Everyone was nervous and excited because it was our FIRST assignment here in the US. We showed our work to Søs who gave us some […]

In order to succeed, we must first believe we can.

Live in the moment is much more easier to say than to do… I learned to live that way couple of years ago, when I started to run my own company in Finland. Time flies and all the things, feelings and achievements you reach in those moments, when you are […]

Finally weekend!

It’s been a hard, but really good week. My mother came to visit me here in LA this week, so we were enjoing Venice Beach in the weekend, and she came to watch some of my classes at Millennium. We just started the intensively training with 4 classes a day and new […]

Friday the 27th of February

It was a great day here in Los Angeles. Another day with dancing before going on weekend and we all did great! We started out with classical dance today. We started with ballet and then jazz with Eric Ellis the turn doctor. In the breaks some of us enjoyed our […]